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PROPERTYPIE was founded in 2017 and offers the highest standards of quality and service. We give you a tailor-made solution meeting both industry standards and any unique requirements you have for your business.

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Here at PROPERTYPIE, we manage real estate investments with maintenance, inspection, rent collection, and remodelling, using expert design advice. Focus on what matters while we provide a convenient and efficient solution for your investment management needs. We offer a range of services from residential lettings to commercial construction.


We provide residential property management that involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of rental properties. We also provide renovations, giving you the opportunity to upgrade or enhance your property to improve its value, enjoy a refreshing change, or appeal to potential renters or buyers.


We provide high-quality commercial construction services that prioritize communication and collaboration, using top-grade materials and equipment to achieve exceptional results. Our experienced team works tirelessly to meet clients’ needs, from concept to completion, with the goal of creating functional, attractive, and durable spaces that exceed expectations.

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